Hi! I'm Noel.

Hi! I'm Noel.

I'm a Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN native living in Nelson, NZ. I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2006. Currently I work as a freelance illustrator, designer, and front-end developer.

I love making things, and I’m good at it, so if you’d like to talk to me about work, send me an email. I guarantee a prompt and affable response. A downloadable copy of my CV can be found here, and you can view my commercial work here.

Clients, Publications, and Exhibitions

Clients, Publications, and Exhibitions


Emma Thompson, etc communications: design, development, project management

Mary O’Hagan, Cooee: logo design

Sheryn Clarke, The Co-op Hairdressers: logo design

Mark Stagg, Argus Aviation: logo design


Mary O’Hagan, PeerZone: website design and development, design of marketing material.


Zach Smith, Revolution Motors: logo design.

Terry Wong, Dragon Law: UI and UX design, app development.

Pete Blommaert and Marleen Suy, Pete’s Natural: identity design, product illustration.


Zach Smith, Carcierge: logo design.

Clare Fleming, River Kitchen: website design.

Paul Hampton, Victory Boxing: website design, identity design.

Paul Kirk, Kirk Contracting: identity design.

Kapsula Magazine, February 2014 Issue: contributor.


Meryl-Lynn Pluck, Rainbow Reading: illustration of Count Our Pets, Go For A Ride.

Berne McNaughton, Berne’s Body Fit: identity design.

Sue Farley, New Zealand Luxury Travel: logo design.


Jacque Fletcher, John F. Boehle: illustration of Just Daddy.

Kay Field, Morrison St. Café: design and layout of Morrison St. Café At Home Cookbook.

Doug Greener, St. Paul Public Schools: illustration of Francine’s Fractured Nursery Rhymes.

Faith Krogstad, Hamline Midway Heartwood Festival: identity design.

Tribe Magazine, Issue 3: featured artist.


Robin Voreis, Robin Voreis Real Estate: logo design.

Teza Alvite, MindWare: illustration of Benjamin’s Mystery Deck I and II.


Zach Smith, Vox Law: logo design.

Group Exhibition, Lei Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan.


Foot in the Door 4, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Sweet Hair Poster Show, Art Minion, Minneapolis, MN, USA.


Aimee Lagos, Hygge & West: illustration of children’s prints.

Greg Shultz, Gasket Studios, Ltd.: concept illustration, art direction.

CPOPPor2nity, CPOP Gallery, Detroit, MI, USA


Frenchy Lunning, MCAD: set design for fashion shoot.

Ryan Cady, Child Bite: animation for music video.

Clapperclaw Art Festival, Sound Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, USA.


MCAD Senior Exhibition, MCAD Gallery 148, Minneapolis, MN, USA.